You won’t always “know” what’s right for you - and thats ok

embodiment Jan 03, 2023

I won’t be perfect. I may never be truly liberated. But I will ensure that I’m wide awake and holding myself to account in this life. I will make right what has always felt wrong within me.

How do we do this? We resource ourselves with support. Coaches, teachers, mentors, guides, gurus that have devoted themselves to understanding and transmuting their wisdom for our learning.

However, we shouldn’t think we are being guided away from ourselves. We are actually being returned home, to ourselves, to be with the wisdom within that has been awaiting our return and smiles gently at us.

When I ask my teacher to speak I’m not actually asking for doctrine. I’m trusting his informed opinion to guide me in witnessing the way my body responds - what’s true for me.

You won’t always “know” what’s right for you.
You will feel it. For me, it’s been found in moments where I glimpse stillness and spaciousness. The knowing arises and what is known is present. I don’t have to question it. I just get to be with it.

There’s nowhere to go, nothing to see, no place to visit, nothing you can buy and nothing you can borrow that will give you what you are truly longing for - the opening of your heart, the love you are.

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