Lena is open to collaborations and can be booked to facilitate Somatic Activated Healing sessions for your group/community virtually and in person. 


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Topics Lena loves speaking about:

✴ Seeking Wisdom; insights and tools for modern women answering the call within for “more”
✴ Wellbeing; reflections and practical tips to help your community tune into their own inner guidance and take leadership of their daily experience
✴ Redefining Yourself; cultivating confidence to communicate effectively, live mindfully & activate the audacity to change direction in life to experience true presence
✴ Somatic Healing; Learning to respect your body and tending to the harm we have caused ourselves and others through our unconscious allegiance to “diet culture” & how we can begin to repair our relationship within ourselves and with others. 


Lena Moxon is a modern mystic infusing spirituality, embodiment and self expression into the heart-based healing movement & mindfulness coaching she delivers in her own powerhouse style to support women in moving beyond awareness and into action.


As a Somatic Activated Healer,  Soul Purpose (Dharma) & Spiritual Life coach Lena has been trained by some of the greatest modern teachers of our time like Sah D’Simone,  Tony Robbins, Sahara Rose & the faculty of the Dharma Coaching Institute. 

Lena brings a refreshingly unfiltered perspective to the cross section of self healing, empowered action & embodied leadership.  


She is a featured contributor on global streaming platform Wellweb, podcast host & proud big city escapee living out a wild, weird existence in regional Victoria, Australia, with her husband & son.


Email me - [email protected]