The Sah Method spiritual dance workout is a radically embodied spiritual practice combining ecstatic movement, mantra, breathwork and meditation.



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Lena Moxon has studied under Sah D’Simone and was one of the first 100 beings to be certified as a Somatic Activated Healer.


With over 15 years experience as a coach & mentor, her devotion to Somatic Activated Healing as a spiritual practice and a revolutionary wellness practice infused with her embodiment as a spiritual life coach with certification from the Dharma Coaching Institute makes her a POWERFUL support to the women that call her into their worlds.   

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“Somatic Activated Healing is a revolutionary method that supports us in doing just that. It’s as gentle as it is wildly powerful - depending on your interaction with it and what feels right for you in the moment. This method is about to make an immeasurable impact and I am humbled to bring it here to you as we connect in this space 💚. The mystic medicine in this practice offers us an invitation to enter an ecstatic state and I smile at the opportunity to share that with you.” - — Lena,

The Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) MethodTM, created by Sah D’Simone, is a revolutionary wellness practice combining the healing modalities of somatic movement, rhythmic breath, positive
affirmations, and dynamic meditation. Trauma is a fact of life, and healing from it is our responsibility. But, trauma isn’t about what happened to you. It’s about the feelings lingering within you as a result of your traumas, no matter how large or small.
Big feelings, when left unprocessed in the body, lead to big stories in the mind. This cycle keeps us attached to past experiences, unable to release and recover, and inhibits our ability to be present and create a meaningful life. It keeps us stuck in suffering.
After a traumatic or painful experience, many of us become masters of escaping the present moment (where our bodies live) — so fearful of feeling that we’ll do anything to distract from it. We disassociate, multitask, or numb ourselves to try and escape from unpleasant feelings.
When unprocessed emotional baggage builds up in our bodies, we become stuck in survival mode, which can manifest in us in a variety of ways, including: confusion, paranoia, outbursts, mysterious physical pains, gut issues, a sense of nothing ever being enough, feeling broken, triggered by peace, fearful about the future, worried about the past, addictive behaviors, cravings, negativity bias, and the list goes on...
All of our personal chaos stems from our inability to be with uncomfortable feelings in the body. And our chaos bleeds into the world around us, spreading like a contagion. Our painful memories have hardwired feelings attached to them. Traditional therapeutic healing methods use a top-down approach, in which the mind is the entry point to resolve our past and the feelings associated with it. However, this often requires mentally revisiting traumatic or painful experiences.
The SAH MethodTM utilizes a bottom-up approach, in which the body is the entry point for healing. It addresses the emotional baggage in our bodies, rather than the specific thoughts or memories connected to them in our minds. Through the SAH MethodTM, you’ll master the art of BEING IN YOUR BODY. True healing is a miracle that ONLY happens when we are embodied.

In the SAH MethodTM, you’ll learn to “drop the story and be with the feeling” — offering a safe space

and guidance for you to call forth, process, and release stored emotions from your body, without

re-engaging with the narrative or memory associated with those feelings.

By removing the emotional charge of the story, you strip the traumatic memories of their power... and transfer that power to YOU!


Where there is dysregulation, the SAH MethodTM helps you regulate. Regulation is how we build resilience.
When our nervous system is regulated, we can soften from survival mode into a healing, receptive, and creative state.


In Somatic Activated HealingTM:

✴ The somatic moves help you tap into your emotional baggage and process your feelings with intention.
✴ The breathwork brings you back into your body, roots you in the present, and gives you the energy and inspiration to do the work.
✴ The meditations give you the concentration to be in your body, improve your relationship with your mind, and engage with your feelings — not the stories attached, and
✴ The affirmations help you reinforce a powerful new inner vocabulary and mindset.
The SAH MethodTM is an antidote to suffering.
Ready to become a radical agent of love, wisdom, compassion, and joy in your life, and for the world?

Drop your details here for your personal invite to the next Virtual Somatic Activated Healing Session with Lena Moxon