My assignment is to support women in letting themselves breathe out after a life time of holding their breath. To support women in accessing & activating their truth & to be embodied within their own unique energetic expression so that they may show up into the world and live their one beautiful life as it was always intended to be - with love.

There are multiple ways I can support you

Investment $1900 for 12 weeks of weekly 45 minute coaching and activation sessions & voice coaching throughout the week as needed 

For 12 weeks you will be supported in bringing complete clarity, focus and strategy to the way of being that will position you as a powerful force within your own life. 

Voice coaching throughout the week offers accountability, support, feedback & guidance as you take action on the intentions you set each week. 


Investment $990 for 6 weeks of weekly 45 minute coaching and activation sessions

For most women this becomes the space to get clarity around their own necessity, to activate the voice of their own purpose & witness the rise within their own decision making, leadership & consistency in their devotion to what they know they are intended for & the impact they can make. The space and time to explore your fullest expression & be supported in strategies to move in this power within your own life. 


The ultimate experience to activate the confidence to build momentum behind the intentions you have for yourself and your life as you are supported closely by Lena Moxon for 2 weeks. 

Take action in alignment consistently with the incredible support of: 

1 X 45 Minute Private Virtual Session with Lena Moxon 

2 Weeks of unlimited messaging, voice notes & resource shares on WhatsApp in your own private chat thread.



Time for you to be supported in alignment, goal creation, energetics, somatics & embodiment, emotional management, higher brain thinking, feminine & masculine integration in any area of your life you want to focus on


Voxer coaching (voice coaching) as needed MONDAY - THURSDAYS throughout the month for accountability, support and momentum maintenance.


You can ask questions, share experiences, get feedback & feel the support of essentially having me by your side as you action the intentions you set for yourself each month


Our intentions are nothing without action - this form of coaching will ensure you are following through with conviction month after month


Your focus each month is welcome to be fluid and flexible - you might focus on self worth and well-being, then career acceleration, then deepening relationships… your life will dictate the flow of our time together and what we focus on amplifying. This form of coaching will be reflective of my life purpose coaching frameworks, intuitive guidance & peak performance specialisation as a coach for 15 years


52 weeks of Voxer Coaching Complimentary access to every group program, workshop and Masterclass I release in the 12 months


You can use this coaching & high level support for any area of your life that you desire change - the focus can change from month to month


Imagine how much can be released, shifted, manifested and claimed in 12 months of Activation & Accountability - its exciting right?!




I have limited spaces available for private coaching so that I can ensure you will receive the very best of me each week - dedicated and devoted to best supporting you. 

If you can feel that any of these coaching packages would be something that would benefit you as a woman & support you in being fully expressed within your life - I would love to have a conversation with you about stepping onboard to support you  


Next Steps 


Let's have a conversation around what level of support makes the most sense for where you are at and where you would like to find yourself this time next year. 


It is important to me that I understand the desires you have and to feel into whether I believe I can best support you and I will be transparent in whether I know I would be the right coach for you or can refer