You cant claim self love if you havent faced your own karmic clutter

Jan 07, 2023
What story haven’t you told your therapist?
What toxic truths do you distort and dilute when you tell others (and yourself) the story of who you are and the choices you’ve made and the consequences you are living?
It’s the most disgusting, gross, shameful parts of ourselves that actually invite us to sit with ourselves and wake up to what it means to have compassion for ourselves.
Unconditional love? Self love?
You cannot say you love yourself if you have not faced your own addictions, your own shit, your own karmic clutter.
There’s level and layers to this - of course. As with all things.
The most courageous thing you might ever do is decide to start living awake and aware. Lucid. Not just in the moments that feel deliciously delusional.
This is your wake up call. Have the audacity to remember you are courageous enough to wake up to your own misery and self destruction AND THEN learn how to have compassion for yourself … from that place, you will learn how to love yourself and I pray that we learn to love unconditionally.
We are not supposed to do this alone.
You are never alone.
Inbox always open to support where I can and refer when better suited 🤍🙏

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