Why you can stop feeling guilty about saying NO today

manifest mindset selfsabotage Nov 30, 2022
What is it that you want?
What is it that has you thinking “In my life, I just have have to make this happen for myself. I deeply desire this for myself”
It might be things that you can’t just do in a moment, maybe you don’t even know how right now - but I need you to put pen to paper and declare it for yourself.
Write it down in as much detail as you can.
Declare it so you can begin to attract the energy to bring it to you - declare it so you can begin to do the very things that need to be done …
It might be I want to study, I want to get a promotion, I want a better relationship with my husband, I want to be a more connected mum - you need to write this down and if it matters deeply to you.. you won’t just do it once, you’ll write it down again and again and again. Day after day.
Maybe you have complete clarity already - if that’s you, then you have to be cautious because some of you aren’t producing enough energy to power anything.
It’s really that simple.
The biggest contributing factor to your ability to have what you want is the energy that you are generating, omitting, maintaining.
Maybe you are working to generate a lot of energy - but you have so many things plugged into you and it’s tripping you up. It’s draining your power.
Most people are getting busy getting high on someone else’s supply - they rely on someone or something outside of themselves to hype them up again and again.
A podcast, a book, a workout, an energy drink, a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a motivational video - you plug in feel all charged up and go ok yeah I’m going to go run through this door and do the thing.
And that works, to a point - but what you need to do is learn how to generate that energy within yourself, for yourself.
You have to get the voltage of your own energy up.
I learned that the top people in the world didn’t get there because they were the smartest, fastest best - it had to do with their energy.
Life is going to happen to you. The saying is - where your focus goes energy flows.
People skim right over that part.
Hear me clearly - where your focus goes, energy flows. So yes, of course your focus is important.
Knowing what you are playing for matters… but it’s your energy that matters more.
You’ll only get as far as your own voltage allows you to. What’s your energy like?
Who’s draining you?
Who is taking from you?
Who are you giving your energy to?
I’ve had friends and family members that were sucking the life out of me.
They’d call me and the conversation would drain me and I’d sit there playing my part.
I’d sit there and listen to them bitch and moan and complain about whatever and I’d get off the phone and realise that when I had picked up that phone I was at 90% but coming off that call I was at 50%.
It drained me … and now I only had 50% left to spread across my husband, my work, my own life.. the things I was playing for.
We let people drain us because we have decided that’s what it means to be a good daughter, friend, sister, wife.
Energy comes at a cost - and the thing is, it’s costing us every time we give it a way
The people, places, things that drain you aren’t paying the price .. they don’t care.. they aren’t thinking about the consequences of you just giving your energy away.
Don’t get mad at them.
Think for yourself.
What’s it costing you?
Who’s draining you? They have to go.
That’s hard to hear. Oh, shes my best friend - no she’s not. No she’s not.
Get off that guilt trip. You care more about how they feel about you than they actually care about you.
They don’t care what they are taking from you.
They aren’t thinking about what it’s taking from your kids, your husband, your work when they are taking up your time, your resources, your energy …
Some of you are out there giving to everyone else and there is nothing left for you.
Find the energy source that works for you.
Music, movement, nature - whatever it is.
Find it and be with it every day.
Life is comprised of what you do and don’t do.
Some of you are doing a good job trying to charge yourself but you are letting people around you drain you.
Enough of that shit.
You need to take care of you.
You have to go hands off on other people’s demands and desires and start being charged up for the things that matter most to you in your life
Because this is it.
This is your life. It’s happening now.
Get clear - what is it you want to experience?
What are you charging yourself up for?
And who is draining you?
What is sucking the life out of you and stopping you from going full speed ahead at the vision you hold for yourself?
Stop it.

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