Toxicity isn’t cute - it’s upgrade season

embodiment emotions selflove selfsabotage Jan 09, 2023

I think – therefore I am is bullshit.

As humans we have this incredible ability to hack the processing software that is our mind & master it to help us cultivate our own enlightened qualities.

But we don’t dont that…we just let that shit run… we don’t press the upgrade…we don’t do the update….we ignore it and tell ourselves we will make time to feel good, to do better – tomorrow.

I’ve been toxic AF. I’m not proud of it. I’m not flexing it.

We have to treat our own healing as if we are addicted to our own suffering. If you are addicted to anything - the thought of going one day without it is scary.

For a very long time I was addicted to Valium, Xanax and cannibis..and when I made the decision to stop numbing myself out it was scary as fuck. We normalise what we are addicted to – and creating a new normal for ourselves is really confronting.

You might not think you are addicted to anything toxic – but in our culture we have normalised envy, jealousy, feeling like shit, gossiping, talking down to ourselves…right? Recognise that and you can see that we are addicted to suffering.

The radical choice to do the work in the morning is not just about trying to create “me time” or start the day feeling “positive” –it is a choice to say I am standing in protest to what has been normalised within me – to what’s been deeply conditioned within me…enough is enough.

No more talking to myself like shit.

No more over thinking and overwhelm.

No more complaining and criticising.

No more judgement and gossip.

No more taking up space within me with that crunchiness.

Healing says – i'm ready. Claiming that space back within us.

It can be really eye opening to recognise that we are in fact addicted to suffering – but in recognising this, we have the opportunity to remember that we are NOT our thoughts, our feelings, our circumstances or our situation.

Who we are at the base of our being is innately good.

You are fucking amazing – your practices should support you in cultivating your enlightened qualities so that you might shine your own unique light into the world today – to be part of the protest to the darkness

Toxicity isn’t cute - it’s upgrade season 🤘🐍

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