The 3 Kinds of Trauma you might be experiencing

emotions innerwork selflove Jan 01, 2023

We have become so familiar with chronic stress that to anything other than be in chaos feels off.

There’s been a lot of chaos in my world - and because we share the same world, I bet your experience reflects something similar. Unique experiences - but universal too.

The literature tells us that are 3 kinds of trauma:
1. Life Trauma
2. Generational Trauma
3. Spiritual Trauma

I spent the majority of of my life up until this point trying to become an intellectual machine, memorising my way to healing & high achieving my way to liberation.

Actual LOL.

What a twisted game we have been taught to play. No one wins.

The consequences of what’s occurred to you, through you, as you don’t show up straight away - so if you are still troubled by 💩 that happened decades ago… GIRL, SAME!

You are just like me.

I have trained myself diligently to know all things are impermanent & while I believe that natural law will set us free… I know it’s the one we most resist.


We can process what has occurred in our own time - but to come alive again right now, we need to wake up the part of ourselves that understands impermanence.

You can do this.

You don’t have to spend the rest of you life dwelling and ruminating in the stories that you hate having to tell - we can transform our stories.. your whole story hasn’t been told.

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