Sensory Seeking in Children & Somatic Activated Healing

kids sahmethod Mar 09, 2023

How can Somatic Activated Healing support Sensory Seeking Behaviour?


Sensory-seeking behavior in childhood is the compulsion to seek out sensory experiences across the five senses: sound, smell, taste, sight, and touch. The literature on this suggests that many children who demonstrate this tendency are thrill-seekers. They like jumping off of high places, such as playground equipment. These kids may appear like they are highly driven and moving through life at full speed, preferring activities that include some level of risk and excitement.

“Some sensory-seeking kids are highly coordinated, agile, and athletic. In that case, you might find that the child likes sports like diving, gymnastics, skateboarding, mountain biking, and motocross where they can get ‘big air.’ They are not easily intimidated by obstacles and risks. Instead, they run toward activities that include some level of risk and thrill” -


Somatic Activated Healing (SAH Method) offers an invitation for input for the sensory-seeking child who may be described as an active child who seeks physical contact and loud noises. Offering Sah Method to this child contributes to their “sensory diet”, providing them with the stimulation they crave.

SAH Method guides children in developing introspective awareness and supports them in relating to the “energy” they feel within their body so that they may develop their capacity to self regulate. 

SAH Method creates opportunities for children to “use big energy” through non linear movement, breath and vocal release and guides them towards how to return to a more neutral state with a tenderness, and encouragement that doesnt require them to “stop and stay still”

Their live wire expression is welcomed, celebrated and encouraged throughout sessions as children are guided towards actively becoming aware of their own introspective experiencing so that they begin to develop a confidence in noticing when “big energy” is rising within them, so that they may support themselves in developing strategies to appropriately and safely direct that energy. 

The combination of dynamic meditation, rhythmic breathwork, somatic movement and positive affirmation offered in SAH Method gives children an evolving toolkit of personal resourcefulness to draw upon no matter where they are, and how they are feeling.  

SPROUT is a beautiful introduction to mindfulness, introspective awareness and emotional regulation skills for our children through the fun, uplifting practice of Somatic Activated Healing. 

Children will build confidence in feeling their feelings, expressing their emotions and regulating their nervous systems as they 
Sprout is a  self paced virtual journey inviting children into a fun, uplifting experiences  packed with clear, supportive guidance so that they can begin to recognise, own and express their emotions. 

Our children will grow into embodiment & confident expression in their own time, in their own ways - but we can plant seeds of supportive guidance along the way!


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