Repetition as Liberation: Exploring the Pathways of Somatic Release

Mar 20, 2024
  1. Join me for a special 30 minute practice that will offer a "non traditional" transmission of the SAH Method that will serve to strengthen your capacity to leverage repetition as a gateway to a more connected and transformative practice.

    Repetition in the context of The SAH Method serves as a pathway to freedom and liberation by deepening awareness, facilitating integration, normalising experience, releasing tension, and cultivating resilience.

    I look forward to sharing this guided practice with you and holding space to witness your insights and revelations after our practice.

    A little more on why I am shining a light on Repetition:

  2.  Integration: Repetition allows the body and mind to integrate new ways of being and experiencing. With each repetition, individuals reinforce new patterns of movement, breath, or awareness, gradually replacing old habits that may be limiting or constricting. This integration process promotes a sense of freedom as individuals become more aligned with their authentic selves.

  3. Normalisation of Experience: Repetition can help normalise experiences that may initially feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar. By repeatedly engaging in somatic practices, individuals may gradually become more comfortable with sensations or emotions that were previously avoided or suppressed. This normalisation reduces fear and resistance, paving the way for greater liberation and freedom of expression.

  4. Release of Tension: Repetitive movements or practices can facilitate the release of physical tension stored in the body. By engaging in rhythmic movements or breathing exercises, individuals may activate the body's relaxation response, allowing tight muscles to unwind and tension to dissipate. This release of tension creates space for greater freedom of movement and expression.

  5. Cultivation of Resilience: Repetition builds resilience by gradually increasing tolerance for discomfort or challenge. As individuals repeatedly confront and navigate difficult sensations or emotions within the safe container of somatic practices, they develop greater inner strength and resourcefulness. This resilience fosters a sense of liberation as individuals become less reactive to external stressors and more empowered to navigate life's challenges with grace and ease

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