Our gut feelings. Our intuition. Feelings of de ja vu. Urges, cravings and impulses.

embodiment emotions innerwork manifest Dec 27, 2022

Ive felt as if im on mute lately. Im finding it hard to talk.

Not in the physical sense, (although Im certain my husband would feel a strong sense of relief if that were the case for a few days) but I experience myself having a powerful realisation rise within me, I notice the urge to share it with you online – but its as if in trying to speak the words to describe what it is I am experiencing within me, the feeling is diluted and Im left feeling like I have nothing that I want to say.

But there is so much I want to share with you – and as I write this, what I know is, words will never be able to accurately convey what it is that I desire to share with you. This is why I am urged, pushed, relentlessly inspired to craft experiences that you can immerse yourself in so that I can share what feels like really urgent, important and impactful messaging with you – so that you can have your own experience with it.

My words, my describing, my transmuting and teaching of any concept might be helpful – but I know that words do not really teach.

The knowledge that will move us, shape us and shift us in this life comes only through our own lived experience.


As you experience life you gather knowledge. As you do, you start to feel as if you are more resourced to truly express who it is that you really are.

Of course, there was never anything you had to “learn” before you could be all that you are – but it would seem, in this life, it is our lived experiences and the knowledge we are gathering about what fulfils us, what brings us satisfaction, what generates joy within us that gives us the confidence to share openly and outwardly, with ourselves and others – the continuing expression of who we truly are.


My own Dharma, my life’s purpose is to help people to understand who they really are, who they have been, where they are going and all that they will continue to be.


As a child I was the “bossy” leader, organising and orchestrating play making sure that our imaginations were cast far beyond the playground, almost demanding that my little friends gave their all to the experience we were co creating, as a teen I became acutely aware of my magnetism and the way friends would reveal their truths to me (and the way I would see beyond their “truth” and into the deeper truth of who they were even before they themselves had realised)


As an adult my intuition and connection to self and source has been shaped and sharpened through trauma, tragedy and trial again and again. The stories that go untold have been the stories that have formed my backbone. The part of me that understands my necessity, my unique energetic frequency and now, my life’s purpose is also the part of me that remains hidden, sheltered and protected by the personality I have formed to present to the world.


I don’t share all of who I am – not all of who I have been and who I have become is described, documented or displayed. I am a complex, multifaceted human – and in honouring that, it allows me to honour the very fact that I never assume I know everything about anyone else. We get to have our own experience of self, with self and source.


My own relationship with source energy has developed from curiosity into deep connection over the last twenty years. As a child I have distinct memories of being “looked after” by non physical beings and while I have not always been tuned in to my own understanding of what has been occurring around me, through me, to me, as me – there has been undeniable provision, protection, guidance and support offering me what I have only ever been able to describe as grace throughout my life.

I don’t consider myself special, chosen, enlightened or even remotely unique in any way. What I am aware of and willing to experience is what I know every single human being is capable of experiencing – and in many ways, you know you already are.

Our gut feelings. Our intuition. Feelings of de ja vu. Urges, cravings and impulses.

All experiences you have had but haven’t appreciated.


My strongest desire right now is to have women remember the power of their own connection to source. To recognise the ways in which we are given our life experiences not to test us but to teach us. To show us. To remind us. To have us come back to the understanding of our true nature.

We have been so distracted by the physical world around us because we are physical humans. But that’s not all that we are.

We are each invited to reconnect with the non physical part of ourselves.


We are invited to awaken to the power of who we are and where we are and the potency of our NOW.


When we learn to trust, believe and appreciate where we are now as exactly where we are meant to be (which can be hard when you know that where you are feels a really long way from where you actually would like to be) you begin to learn how to understand that when you focus yourself on feeling good now – you immediately find yourself on the path of where it is you want to go. Every desire becomes the next logical step on your path. Every desire expands to reveal the next.


The power and potency of this understanding has unlocked a level of trust within myself and source that allowed me to make some of the most challenging and confronting decisions of my life. Logically, I made decisions that defied the “rules” we are each taught to live by in order to be happy, successful, respected people in this life. Leaving my career, my marriage, my name, my home town, my entire existence to be lead by the laws of the universe. To trust my own inner being to guide me towards the reclamation of joy, fulfilment and a life reflective of my desires – rather than the destiny that has been laid out for me.


I shudder at the thought of how easy it would have been to have missed this life I am living altogether. How easy it would have been to settle into what I had unconsciously chosen because it looked like I was living the dream – everyone around me seemed to be living the same dream too. Ticking the boxes of fulfilling the things I had been told would make me happy. And, let me tell you, I had not only ticked the boxes, I had made sure I put gold stars in those boxes. I was exceeding expectations. I had brought my vision board to life in m y late twenties – flying business class, driving the Mercedes, doing all the things I had been shown would feel like success.

It was never my vision.


I woke up from the dream. I woke up.

I woke up and was horrified that I had spent so much of my precious time, energy and intention focused on a vision that had never been my own.


What was even more horrifying is that I had spent so much time fulfilling a vision cast before me that I felt I had no idea what I even wanted for myself.

No self concept. No clarity around my own desires. No way of knowing what would be next.


Or so I thought.

Reconnection with self and with source revealed to me just how easy it is to awaken your desires. Our emotions have been gifted to us as the most advance, yet simple tool to reorient us back towards who we truly are and what is truly meant for us.

Where do we begin? Anywhere really. With anything.

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Im celebrating that we are connected here - and I trust its because we have work to do together. 

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