Manifesting for the skeptical : Your AHA Moment is here

embodiment innerwork manifest Dec 07, 2022
As you try and manifest and imagine a future that holds the very things you desire, you might have a hard time, and trip yourself up feeling a little silly, telling yourself that its not real – and that imagining it to be real feels clunky, stupid, naïve and fruitless.

I want to encourage you to stay with the process of breathing life into your imagined future – your manifestation because I know you already have the skillset you need to see something within your mind, believe it as truth, be moved with emotion and inspired to take action based on what you visualise.

You do this already. All that you call your past only exists as a memory. Everything you know about who you are and what you have experienced, all the life events that have shaped you, all the places you have been, all the books you have read, all the conversations you have had, all the arguments and fights, all the relationships of love and friendship and acquaintance – all this exists only as memory.

You memory exists only in your mind – its part of your psychological reality, but has absolutely nothing to do with the existential reality.

When I was about 28 years old, I was experiencing such a wicked conflict within myself, grateful for all that I had in my life, but complete boredom and resentment for it too. I was miserable. I felt like I was trapped within my own life and hated everything about my reality. I began to look at everything and everyone around me and feel repulsed. I thought, if I could just get away from these people, from this place, then I would be happy.

Can you guess what happened? I flew myself to the most incredible corner of the world you can imagine, created my own personal paradise and as I sat on a beach one day, sun shining on my body, coconut in my hand, body in a complete state of bliss – I realised that I was still as miserable as ever and that the suffering I was actually experiencing had nothing to do with my surroundings and everything to do with the thought forms and associated feelings that I was creating within my own mind.

Fuck my life.

The constant loop of memories playing over and over and over again was keeping me stuck within my own suffering. It was in that moment, more than ever, I finally understood the true meaning of the teaching “be here now”.

I embodied that living wisdom that day as I watched the way my entire experience of self and the world transformed as I released myself from thinking and believing the thoughts I had been replaying over and over and made myself available to the moment I was in. A moment where none of what I had experienced was occurring.

A moment so open, pure and perfect that I began to cry.

I was free. I was free from my own suffering within that moment. I understood my own self concept was nothing more than a delusion. I wasn’t necessarily abandoning my memory altogether, but in that moment, I touched the power that I had, that we all have, to transcend it when we choose to. My individuality was entirely made up – it was my creation, what I chose to think and believe and remember and revise.

Sadhguru articulates what I experienced on the beach that day like this “ What you call “myself” is simply the name you give to the volume of life that you have captured. But if we wipe out all psychological imprints, you as a person will not exist. You will exist as pure life. Essentially, you are life in its essence. In that essential, unmanifest state, you are completely devoid of time and you are completely devoid of karma. You are deathless, indestructible, eternal.”

What I integrated that day, on the beach, was the understanding that each moment we bring our awareness to contains an infinite number of possibilities. You can literally wipe the slate clean & create an entirely new psychological structure, or as many have, you can stop creating entirely and exist as pure, lifeless form.

That day on the beach I returned to my own sense of freedom, joy, playfulness – like a child that delights in dressing up and fully embodying the character that they are playing in that moment. I realised and remembered what a fun game individuality gets to be in this life – we create the avatar that we experience ourselves and the world with.

When we are able to use our minds to make a shift in perspective like this, we can make a paradigm shift, one that makes the experience of living as a human being on this planet liberated, expansive, exciting and joy-filled.
So, it is for this reason, that I know, trust and believe that you can leverage your mind to support you in becoming a powerful, active participant in your own manifestation process.
You can wipe the slate clean of all that has made you believe that what you desire will be difficult to attain, and instead choose to align yourself with the thought forms that make your own success, joy, abundance and provision inevitable.
If memories that have not served us can temporarily suck the spirit out of our being, depressing us, repressing up, making us believe that this life has nothing of value – then just imagine how an inspired, supportive, aligned thought might move you.

Imagine how lit up you could be from the inside out simply by remembering that the moment you are in is all that exists anyway – so you are free to activate your imagination, choose what comes next, and have fun believing that your desires are inevitably making their way to you as you are bringing them to life within your own mind.

You are free to let go of the past whenever you choose to. Live consciously and you will remember that this moment is all there is – this moment cannot be separated into past and future. You actually have no choice but to be here now. All that ever was, and all that will ever be, is only in this moment.
You are here, all is well. Be here now. Begin Again.

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