embodiment Jul 04, 2023

ROUND TWO : Begins AUGUST 30th PST 2023 | AUGUST 31st AEST 2023 

Hi my love,

Its been awhile since I have offered an activation - and my whole heart and being is in this one!
I am actively calling forward all caregivers who are ready to embark on a transformative journey of love, strength, and empowerment!

I have something truly special in store for you—it's time to dive into the empowering world of the EMBODIED Activation!
As a mother myself, I understand the incredible power and beauty that comes with nurturing and guiding our little ones - and the challenges.

I am a mother to a vibrant 5-year-old son and an inspiring 10-year-old stepdaughter. Our family dynamic is most likely, not unlike yours - unique, complex and more than what it seems.
Being a caregiver has offered me an entirely new curriculum to learn through and with in this life. I have spent the last 5 years truly invested in becoming the type of caregiver I hoped to be.

I realised that it wasnt enough to just be a cycle breaker - I had to actively and consciously decide exactly who I was to be.. and that I had to know now because my kids were experiencing me as their mother NOW.

So, I'm ready to share my intimate experiences and hold space for you to be supported in opening up and being supported in your experiencing is within your home too.

In this EMBODIED Activation we will be exploring the wisdom of the Brahmaviharas to inspire the way we show up for ourselves, and into the world - this was TRANSFORMATIONAL for me, and I cannot wait to share my understanding, applications and insights with you.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: You, a modern mom, shining with love and radiating a warmth that touches the hearts of your family.

Sounds like a beautiful aspiration doesn't it?

Well, get ready to make that dream a reality as we embark on this heart-centered exploration into your true potential together.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty—why is embodiment such a game-changer for modern mothers like us?

Here's the secret sauce: When we embody love, compassion, joy, and equanimity, we become powerhouses of inspiration for our families.

It's like a magical ripple effect that spreads love, resilience, and purpose throughout our homes.

But what are the Brahmaviharas, you ask?

Well, when the mind and body come together, they open the gateway to our spiritual hearts—the space where our Brahmaviharas reside.

According to Buddhist psychology, the Brahmaviharas are the four essential qualities of the heart.
They are the warmth of compassion, the open-heartedness of love, the ecstasy of joy, and the equanimity of wisdom.

These qualities are not dependent on circumstances—they are unconditional and present in every person.

However, they may need awakening, and specific life-affirming actions can help us unlock and embody them fully.

It's time to awaken these qualities within us and let them shine brightly for our families to see.
Imagine what it would be like to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood with a deep sense of presence, compassion, and grace - day by day.

As we connect with our bodies, emotions, and unique energetic offerings, we'll gain a profound understanding of ourselves.

This self-awareness becomes the cornerstone of our leadership within the family unit—a guiding light that nurtures the well-being of both us and our loved ones.

Are you ready to unlock your inner goddess and embrace the power of love, authenticity, and strength?

The EMBODIED Activation is your invitation to a transformational journey filled with experiential exercises, somatic practices, and my guidance through a series of workshops and embodiment practices.

Together, we'll integrate mind, body, and spirit, creating a sanctuary of trust, empathy, and growth within our families.

But guess what? I know life can get a little crazy sometimes. That's why this activation is designed to fit seamlessly into our modern mama schedules.

ROUND TWO of this activation begins AUGUST 30th 2023, marking the beginning of our transformative journey.

Get ready for a series of live workshops each deep diving into the 4 qualities of the heart that will take place on the following dates
- with space in between for integration, real life experiencing and deep reflection to take place:


Private Session with Lena Moxon once a month between 30th August and 20th December 2023 


Group Activation begins AUGUST 30th PST 2023 | AUGUST 31st AEST 2023 

Live Workshop Dates: 





Workshops will be at 8:00pm PST & replays will be made available on the same day. 

You do not have to attend workshops live. 

Somatic Activated Healing recordings & all other resources will be housed in your own private membership portal for access at any time. New content will be made available each month in alignment with the workshop being presented.  

Calendar for PRIVATE SESSIONS will be made available after the first workshop is delivered. 



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