It’s true - heart break broke me.

divorce Jan 11, 2023

It’s true - heart break broke me.

I felt the colour drain out of my life. Everything was grey. A break up is just the beginning of your heart breaking. I felt the cracks in my heart widen as I realised everything I had ever imagined for myself was no longer a possibility.

Loss in any way can trigger these feelings.

I was so angry. I’d been coached into creating powerful visions of myself in my future and I had seen it so clearly. I’d lived in the belief of what was to come.

No one had ever taught me what to do when all of that implodes.

The end of an 11 year relationship & my first marriage saw all the scaffolding that I had put in place for the future I was devoted to come crashing down.

It felt like a death. I mourned the loss of the life I had envisioned.

Starting over felt impossible. I had lost the naive optimism I once had. I was painfully aware of what happens when you do indeed shoot for the stars... and fucking miss and find yourself crashing back down to earth.

That can happen.

I cried and cried for months. I’d wake up and cry. I’d shower and cry. I’d get home from the supermarket and cry.. but each time I wiped my eyes, it was as if I was given the opportunity to see myself through a new perspective.

The biggest challenges in my life and in business actually fortified me in a way that made me courageous in every aspect of my life today.

If we want the highs we must also be willing to accept the lows. I’ve been as low as I could possibly go .. and I rose from that fire like a mother fucking Phoenix.

.. but it wasn’t easy and I didn’t do it alone.

I’m here for the woman standing at the edge of the low she knows she has to go to in order to generate the change she knows she deserves.

Sometimes we know it has to get worse before it can ever be better.

I see you - I know your struggle. I want you to know your intuition really DOES KNOW best.

Take that leap of faith. You will fall .. but it will force you to learn to fly.

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