I came across photos of myself from high school recently

manifest selflove Jan 11, 2023

Sick of hiding?

I was forever hiding.

I came across photos of myself from high school recently.

I smiled at this sweet teenage version of me and I can see myself trying to fade away into the background. I’m quite literally trying to GET BEHIND other people when photos are being taken.

My insecurity was intense. I was the fat friend. I was the fat friend with curly hair. I was the fat friend with curly hair and braces.

I was so uncomfortable within my own skin. I HATED photos. I had braces for 4 years and for 4 years there is not one single photo of me showing my teeth when I smiled. I hardly smiled. I hid.

I got really good at it.

So today, I’m really good at seeing people that are hiding too. I see when you are hiding parts of yourself. I notice when you repress your desires. I observe the ways you hold back & procrastinate to protect yourself.

Hiding from ourselves is a problem because we rely on others to feel seen.

It really becomes a problem when the wrong people take notice of us & we don’t notice that they are not right for us... we just fall in love with the feeling of being seen.

Hiding from yourself, your truth, your desires, means you are not guided by your truth and your desires ... it leaves us open to be swept up and carried away. Carried away from who we are, what we want and what is meant for us.

If you feel lost - it’s likely that you don’t need a new place to explore, a new job, a new relationship, a new adventure to “find yourself”... you really just need to return you to you.

I came home to help that young girl learn how to appreciate her worth. To shed the unfair expectations placed on her. To rebuild her sense of self & to know she has always been enough.

My own love was all I needed to step into the light of the abundance life had waiting for me.

You won’t find it hiding friend.

I will walk beside you to help your course correct yourself, to find your way back to you.. and then support you in learning how to manifest in a way that lets you create the kind of life that will fulfil your deep desires too 🖤

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