How to create Daily Rituals ...that wont feel like a task

innerwork rituals Dec 07, 2022

In the early stages of creating ANYTHING its likely you have been taught to believe that you need to learn how to do things based on a pre-created structure or system.

While it is true that there are methods to develop a particular skill like playing piano, or to reach a certain goal like fat-loss, when it comes to your own daily rituals you need to actively empower yourself to disassociate yourself from the idea that there is a “right way” to do things.

The daily rituals you are creating are...well, yours.

One of the reasons you chose to explore a program that was spotlighting daily rituals was not to not create another system you "have" to follow, but because there is a longing in you to create a life that feels more like your own.

You have the power within you to step into your own leadership, and take ownership of your experience within yourself and the life you are experiencing.

The real artistry of personal development comes in when you know the “rules” so well, you can break them effectively.

Over the next three days, it is time for you to focus on developing live launch plans for your own daily rituals to activate your desires and begin manifesting the life that you want.

Ive made it very clear I wont be saying "here's my system for daily rituals, follow it"

If you are interested in ritual, it is likely you have already been decoding the undertones, nuances, and contextual pieces of information about who you are, what you desire, what results you are producing from your day and how it FEELS to be you so that you can come up with the most aligned launch of new daily rituals as possible.

This way, you get to develop the highly useful skill of adding your intuition into your strategic decision-making process, to answer questions like:

  • What time can I consistently take for myself?
  • What rituals align best with my personality type/energy?
  • What experience are most suited to the context of where I'm at right now?
  • What results do I want to generate?


The decisions you are making for yourself about what daily rituals would best support you have to fit into the CONTEXT of who you are whilst serving your INTUITION in creating experiences that generate what it is you need to feel each day.

The key here is to create rituals that feel loving, compassionate and kind BUT ALSO allow for transformation by gently moving you out of your comfort zone.

The most effective daily rituals will induce transformation in the moment you are in, helping you amplify whatever it is you have decided you want to breathe more life into…

It could be confidence, self worth, patience, trust, excitement, gratitude, joy, focus, connection to your body, independence…. Whatever YOUR DESIRES have requested you amplify each day.

So, today, my question for you is this:

Are your daily rituals supporting you in being fully expressed in being MORE of who you are at the base of your being in a way that feels more confident, clear, unapologetic and self reliant?


Are your daily rituals helping you explore parts of you that you haven’t experienced in a long time and are trying to bring back to life with loving encouragement and stimulation through your practices?

There is no right or wrong answer here – I would just like to offer you this opportunity to pause and reflect and make the distinction within yourself.


My daily rituals are helping me to be MORE of who I actually am by slowing me down and supporting me in seeing the beauty in the small things around me. I can get caught up and “busy” in the work I do, and feel like I am flying through the day – and always hanging for the weekend to really “live”. My daily practices show me I have always had it within me to appreciate the beauty in little things, no matter where I am. My daily rituals set me up to be tuned in to all that is available to me in the here and now to savour and enjoy. Even if that is the sun in the sky, a song on the radio, a cool glass of water, a warm memory that makes me smile… I can find beauty here and now.


My daily rituals are supporting me in expressing myself creatively. This is not something Ive done since I was a child. I hold space for my artistic expression and it feels fun and freeing to create each day.


Having clarity around what you are doing will help you to build momentum in showing up for yourself DAILY.

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