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innerwork Nov 13, 2022

When making a decision within your business, in the work place or even certain aspects of your life – say for example, you are moving house, it can be really easy to desire clarity on the practical decisions.


If we are doing something new, or in a new way or something that we actually don’t know how to do but have taken on – its likely we don’t have a “smart strategy” simply because we lack the experience.


This is when we get caught up in making sure we are really clear on the “how” – the execution steps within the system. It’s the “what do I have to do to make sure I don’t f*ck this up”


In my first few years as a teacher, like all teachers, I was absolutely blown away by the epic work load that was thrust onto educators. Unless you have been employed within the school system, there is just no way to explain how flexible you are expected to become and how strong you are required to be just to carry it all.

There were at least three meetings a week that would be about the behaviours, tools, actions & resources expected to execute whatever “outcome” was declared most important that term.


Maybe you can relate to this – no matter what you do, how you do it, or what you accomplish, its never “enough” AND the focus keeps changing so you are constantly made to feel that you had been heading in the wrong direction, even though you had only been following the directions you had been given!


I clearly remember sitting there as a fresh, young, and mostly naïve teacher looking around at the other educators in the meetings and noticing how exhausted they looked. How over it they were. How strained the energy in the room felt. 


These were wonderful humans, dedicated to a life or service & yet the “fulfilment” that I had always been told would come from living and working to best serve others just wasn’t there.

I was acutely aware of that. Years into my career, I felt the energy drain from me too. I too was rolling my eyes, looking out the window in meetings, counting the minutes until I could leave.

 I felt so much shame for being within a profession I had so much respect for – and not being able to bring my best self to it anymore. It felt heavy.

Years later, here is what I can say about why it felt so heavy.


My time in the classroom was deeply fulfilling – but teaching is not just about being with your students. The contribution I could make to my students, at some point, for me, was over shadowed by the series of weekly meetings about practical implications – completely neglecting the energetic implications of what was expected, dictated and demanded of staff.


My experience was that teachers simply were not supported in being able to discern what internal experience & undertones could be expected based on the actions they would take through their work.


Without the deep understanding of who I was, what I stood for, where my boundaries were and how to protect my own energy – I was depleted in every way. It sucked the life out of me.

 This is why being tuned into undertones and energetics really matters.


Im referring to the undertones of the actions you take - that manifest in how something gets delivered, how it feels in your body, the way you experience it, or how you experience yourself within that experience.


Within the context of teaching, it was saying yes to doing things in certain ways that just felt gross. The pressure put on both teachers and students to reach benchmarks only to be reassessed, poked, prodded and pushed for more always felt like a whole body “WHAT THE FUCK” to me & this was something I never expressed.

It took effect within my body.


Let me give you an example that makes sense to us all in this modern world of ours. 

If you post something to your social media out of a craving for validation – it feels energetically very different than if you had shared the exact same post written with an undertone of centredness & confidence.

Today, within my own businesses I have spent years learning how to discern between both of these types of implications – practical & energetic  - for the targets and goals I set, the way I communicate to staff & the choices I make.  

Our inner work matters. Knowing who we are, what our values are, where our boundaries lie and having the confidence to uphold and maintain them will mean that we are not having to go through our lives looking for ways to distract ourselves and numb out.

Some of us find it hard to be present, to connect, to feel deep gratitude because we spend the majority of our day having to deny, repress, ignore how we are really feeling.

 We focus on the practical implications of what we are asked to do – do I have the time, the money, the resources ?

We don’t give the same thought to the energetic implications of all that we do.

Look at the day you are about to charge into.

Begin to ask yourself better questions.



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