Energetic Boundaries & Keeping Yourself Calm in Chaos

innerwork mumlife rituals Nov 01, 2021
Tantrums are my opportunity for growth lately. My little love is my greatest teacher. He is almost 3 & spirited in every way imaginable. He plays big, he laughs big, he loves big and he has no problem fully expressing big emotions as he processes them through his little, yet freakishly strong and wilful body.

I’ve made the conscious decision to live my life truly believing that every experience is there to serve us. So yes, roll your eyes if you want - but I’ve decided that  Tyson’s melt downs are the perfect opportunity for me to truly explore my own energetic boundaries.
I first learned about energetic boundaries through the wonderful work of Maryam Hasnaa a couple of years ago. Truthfully, it’s taken me this long to truly understand the power of energetic boundaries and the way in which by honouring ourselves - we can be of greater service to others.
I want to be a mama that is a sanctuary of unwavering calm, love and warmth for my son. That is the role I am devoted to maintaining for as long as I can in this lifetime. Any parent will know it takes A LOT of conscious effort to remain unwavering through a tantrum... in a supermarket... at the end of the day.
I’m in no way saying this has been an easy practise - I’m still learning, still growing, still creating rituals to realign me to my intention daily.
Put simply, as part of my morning ritual I visualise protection and a boundary around me & breathe into a state of remembering that I don’t have to mesh my energy with what’s around me.
My greatest offering to my little boy as he navigates big emotions is grounded peace & full presence so that I can support him in self regulating. If I don’t do that - we are both overwhelmed, panicked and distressed.
Having a choice in my internal experience, no matter what is going on around me feels like true freedom - there is no power greater than me.
I’m noticing the practise of energetic boundaries is transferring into other experiences and interactions I have at work, with clients, with friends and family -if someone is triggered and panicked I don’t have to feel it too.
I remain centred. I remain tuned into my own frequency - the vibration I choose to experience the world with.
If you have someone in your life that pushes all your buttons or you find yourself getting swept up in other people’s problems, emotions or issues - I HIGHLY recommend you incorporate Maryam Hasnaa’s teachings into your daily rituals.
And if you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to creating your own morning rituals .. reach out and send me a DM & we can chat about it 💕✨

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