Information vs Embodiment

embodiment innerwork mindset Nov 13, 2022

Im showing up today to have a conversation with you fully acknowledging that I call bullshit so powerfully because I consider myself to be a reformed bullshitter.

If you have worked with me then you know I have a brilliant bullshit radar & today, Im going to be blatantly honest with you about one of the things that could very well be blocking you from making the breakthrough within yourself or your life that you are craving.

Lets get some things very clear, even though I have owned gyms for the past 15 years in Sydney, Auckland and now Geelong and I have coached hundreds of people in having complete body transformations - I don’t see it as my role to motivate anyone. More than that,  Im not responsible for keeping anyone accountable. I don’t relate to the women I work with in that way – I have witnessed the power within me to step fully into a position of leadership within my own life & so I know it is within every woman to do the same. So, I wont let you try and make your own goals and the progress you make someone elses responsibility to work out.. but what I will do, and what I am uniquely designed to do is to create environments and experiences to help facilitate your engagement and motivation – on your own journey. Ill stand by your side but I will not lead the way. You see my friend, you don’t want to follow me – my path is not yours to take. But I will stand beside you and give you the tools, resources and strategies to stay aligned to your own journey.


Here is what Im calling bullshit on today – Im calling bullshit on people reading books, or listening to podcasts, or buying courses, or watching tutorials on youtube and thinking that demonstrates that they are making progress in some way – that they are in fact doing the work just by taking on information.

Im here to tell you today – if there is a goal that you have set for yourself, or a desire that is unfulfilled in your life – its not because you don’t have the information you need.

If you are serious about following through on the goals you have set, creating change and actually standing fully in a position of leadership within your life to make things happen – then friend, you need to move past information and devote yourself to embodiment.


Heres the thing, In our world we have far more information than we know what to do with.  

Today, the average human receives more information in one day that the average human did in one life time 100 years ago.

We have so much information, opinions and perspectives – but as a society we are lacking embodiment.


Too many women aren’t taking action. Too many women are addicted to knowing more without actually doing anything with the information that they are taking on.


Recently, I worked with a woman who was really frustrated because she had set a financial goal within her business and just couldn’t get up and over the target she had set. She booked time with me to help her get to the source of what was holding her back because she recognised that her own self talk was mostly negative. We were looking at the structure of her day & she told me about the daily affirmations she had been saying day after day after day for the last 6 months. There were 15 of them. Then she told me how every morning she would pull 3 oracle cards from a deck that she bought that she felt really connected to. So much effort – so little follow through. Can you imagine the simple feedback I gave her - if she just took one of the cards and truly embodied it for the rest of the year…it would take her much further than pulling 3 cards every day. The same with her affirmations – she was energetically spread so thin, it was no wonder she was frustrated.

Are you a sucker for taking in more information too? ACTION is ultimately the answer to every question we torture ourselves with. The most aligned action comes not from reading more, knowing more, seeking more – aligned action comes only when we truly devote ourselves to embodiment.

Embodiment requires responsibility. Information allows you to be a bystander …but embodiment requires you to take action.


Some people are constantly consuming information as a way to deny or repress their own thoughts or their own intuition. I clearly remember that I used to do this – there were years of my life that I felt torn inside because my professional life was exploding while my personal life was imploding. I knew in my heart that if I wanted to follow my heart – it would mean walking away from the businesses I had invested myself in.. to leave the 11 year relationship I was in was not going to be easy – I didn’t see any other way but to run and leave it all behind. I knew this for at least 2 years. I was terrified. I didn’t want to acknowledge the truth of what I really wanted and what I knew that was going to cost me.  I was repressing my own truth, I didn’t want to hear the voice that was telling me LEAVE. So the moment I would go for a walk Id listen to a podcast, the moment I was doing the dishes, Id listen to an audio book, Id even go to sleep at night listening to guided meditations.

Id tell myself – well Im learning, its good to learn, Im expanding – but what was I actually doing with any of the information I absorbed? What was all that extra noise actually stopping me from hearing within myself?

Whats the last book you read that was meaningful to you?

How much time did you actually take to embody the principles or the tools that you just learned?

If just reading books were enough – then the person reading the most books would be the most fulfilled, successful and happy.


I come from an academic background. I have had a book in hand for as long as I can remember. As a child, my Mum had to yell at me to turn my light off, put my book down and go to sleep. I have a degree in Education, I absolutely love learning – but here is what I have had to acknowledge within myself.. sometimes its that love of learning that actually gets in my way and holds me back.

Sometimes the wanting to know more – holds me back from just taking action on what I already know.

Does this resonate with you? Are you a high achiever? Do you find yourself wanting to do things just right, or have all the information available to you before you take action on something? Its likely you are delaying and denying the progress you could be experiencing in meaningful areas of your life because you are not giving yourself time to integrate what you are learning into your life.


Information says – there is this, and that, and that.

Information gives us many perspectives – and not much more.


Embodiment says Im going to take what I need, what serves me, and fully take action on it.

When Ive taken action on it completely, and fully, so much so that I cant take any more action on it – then and only then will I seek more information.


Our lives are created and experienced through our own embodiment.

Think of the area of your life that you want to make progress in - Rethink & contemplate what you already know and what you could already do. What you could already take action on. Ask yourself to break the habit of constantly seeking and asking for something more outside of yourself – and instead really tune in to what you already know inside of yourself.


Lets see what you can experience through embodiment – youll see how effortless and easy it is to take action from the guidance of your own wisdom. 

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