5 Min Exercise to get you out of a funk

innerwork manifest mindset Dec 02, 2022
MANTRA: Today I will accept my life as it is and was, not as I think it should be or should have been.
There are times when life slams you HARD, right?

We could all sit around and read our stories to each other and its guaranteed we would have more than a handful of chapters called "ITS NOT FAIR"
Its the one absolute in life ..we will be challenged.
Here is our daily reminder : just how MUCH we are AFFECTED by lifes challenges is actually very much up to us.
There are no gold stars in life, even though we have been raised to believe there are.
The notion that if we "do good things" we will be rewarded, or that life should "punish" those that we consider bad or unworthy will have us tripping all over our own expectations and landing in a state of misery again and again.
The truth? Life is neither fair or unfair... it just is.
We can release the pressure to feel like we are in control and remember that in our lives things will occur, and whether we think they are right or wrong, fair or unfair is actually irrelevant.
We can choose to flow with the tide of life, or insist on paddling against it, dashed against rocks every time we face a challenge.
..let me be clear, I agree with you - LIFE REALLY DOES SUCK SOMETIMES
But we get to choose whether we unlock the power of acceptance and flow or we spend our days fighting with reality.
On a piece of paper write down the event or situation that you are really down about.
Next draw 3 squares to represent a row of doors - number each door.
* Behind door 1 is the choice you made in response to the event you wrote about .. note, your first choice was to be down and out about it
**Now go to door 2. Behind this door is a DIFFERENT choice you could have made.
What else could you have done, besides getting depressed about it?
**Behind the third door is ANOTHER possibility.
If you can think of other possibilities and choices - keep going. Add more doors. See all of the options that were actually available to you.
Reflect on how you have gotten in the way of things happening that would feel better than what you have experienced... how could you have moved out of the way instead?

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