Creating a New Normal

embodiment manifest mindset Dec 03, 2022

EVERYTHING you dream of one day doing or achieving or witnessing yourself as is something that for somebody else in the world –is a no brainer. They dont even just see it as possible, but as NORMAL, and maybe even boring.
Your some day dream life is somebody else’s every day normal life which they just EXPECT –
in the same way that YOU continue to expect, whatever you are experiencing on repeat.


Simply put, what are you expecting? What is your normal?

It's time to flip the script on your normal.

Think of someone you admire who perhaps has this dream life that you desire.

What is normal for them that isn't something you expect to happen to you?

How are they going about living their lives and what is the difference in their results vs yours?

Now recognise that the only difference in their results vs. yours is actually their expectations and normalcy around these things.

So, write out how you want your NEW normal to be.
Just an everyday thing that happens all the time, that right now might seem a little mind blowing- but will one day soon be just an average day.

And then, stop placing it on a pedestal and see if you can embody and LIVE from that energy!

For example, I've been really living from the energy lately of "women are magnetised to my offerings and requests for coaching come in all day long" and just yesterday I got a message from someone on IG that said "I SO DRAWN TO EVERYTHING YOU SHARE!" - you have no idea how happy that made me!!!

When I say living from that energy I just mean, feeling into that all day, pretending, imagining.

When I share a post like this one I imagine so many people reading it, and sharing it and loving my words and commenting to continue the conversation.

When I talk about an offer, I imagine how good it would feel to have hundreds of women feel like it was just what they need!
I just IMAGINE myself there. Our imagination is our greatest tool!

Tell me something from your new normal!?

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