Breath Awareness Meditation is SO SIMPLE..and powerful too

Mar 14, 2023

In Sah Method, one of the practices we teach is a breath awareness meditation. When I work 1:1 with clients this is something I really encourage they take on for themselves as a

I sit quiety and comfortably.

Its very simple. Anyone can do it – anywhere. Its accessible to most able bodied folks.

Its something you could try right now, heres how it usually goes for me:  


 I usually place my hands on my knees, turning my palms towards the sky as a signal to my body “we are going to meditate now”


I start by listening for sounds far away. A siren. A bird. A car. I focus all my attention on one sound at a time. When it feels right, I listen for a sound closer to me. A clock ticking. The fridge humming. Then, Ill be ready to bring my attention to my body.


I try to take all the energy of my mind and place it on the feeling of my breath in my body.

Where is it?

Where do I feel It most?

On the tip of my nose?

On the top of my lip?
At the back of my throat?

In my belly?

Wherever I feel it most, I rest all of my attention right there.

The aim here is to just intimately experience the breath. To be with it. Nowhere else. To connect deeply with the breath. To witness the life force we are cocreating. To be present to the magic of it and the ease of it.


No need to try and complicate it.

One breath in and one breath out.

I begin to notice distractions. Internal and external. I notice them. I don’t resist them.  I allow them. Without judgement.

I simply start the process again. I shift my body and get comfortable, and begin to listen for sounds far away from me – bringing myself slowly back to consciousness of my own breath.


We do this again and again. We come  back to the breath again and again.

Each time we resist the pull to be anywhere else but with our own breath, in our own body, in the moment we are in – we find a little slice of freedom.


It isn’t reasonable for most of us to spend our day in a constant state of meditation.

That is not the assignment given for most of us.


We are here, in this life, to touch and taste and play and explore and witness and create and we can get swept away in tides of emotion and energy and that’s ok, but to ensure that we are riding the waves of what it means to have a human experience, and not find ourselves drowning in the chaos of a storm we didn’t see coming… we must bring ourselves back into the body again and again. To find the liberation and freedom of the moment we are in anytime we are swept away into the chaos of our own human experiencing through our thoughts, our reactivity, or the emotion and energies we are still learning to process with ease…we must learn to use the breath to come back into our body.

Come back to the breath and be guided back into your body. Be in the present moment. Stay in your body. Our breath supports this. Our breath becomes the guide. Again and again and again. Back into the body. Close to our heart. Connected to our innate intelligence and goodness. Again and again.




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