April in Activated : Your Overflow Is Here

Apr 03, 2023

This month in your Activated Membership there are more opportunities to practice live, more sessions to replay than ever before & as it all becomes available to you - the invitation to spend time with yourself becomes more powerful.

Somatic Activated Healing has changed EVERY aspect of my life. Just yesterday I felt the twist of insecurity, smallness and sadness take hold of me as I assumed something about my husband.

Does your mind ever do that?

One moment I was happily looking out the window in the passenger seat of our car, and the next, something he said propelled me into a state of overthinking where I become guarded, prickly, judgemental and quite often primed to say something I will later regret..

Except now, I notice the sensations in my body when the overthinking begins...

Instead of letting myself spiral into the hysteria of my own fears and doubts and past experiences ... I noticed the heat in my throat, the tightening in my chest, the way I couldnt actually feel my hips or my legs or my feet (everything rushes upwards when Im overwhelmed) ...

And there in the car, without anyone noticing, I asked myself to slow down the thoughts that were a fast track to picking a fight and instead used everything I have learned to do through SAH method to come back to my body, back into the present moment and reassess the situation...

Instead of assuming and spiralling off into despair, I decided to ask for clarification..

Gently I asked "When you said XYZ just before, did you mean XYZ?"

My voice calm. My nervous system safe. My whole energy was non confrontational.

And do you know what happened?

My beloved goof ball of a husband said to me "What? No. But wow, yeah, I guess it might have sounded like that, let me say that again..."

THIS MY FRIENDS feels revolutionary every time it happens.

There isnt a big argument sprung from misunderstanding or miscommunication and the fire of my own reactivity... it doesnt ruin the afternoon, it doesnt take hours to calm down and it isnt a display of dysfunction in front of our son who was in the backseat of our car.

I NOTICED my own discomfort.

I was able to regulate myself through body scanning, breath awareness, silent mantra meditation and the understanding of how to re enter the present moment...all thanks to the SAH method.

This is one of the hundreds of reasons why it is needed and necessary for us to have a practice that helps us to drop the story and come back into our body.

Your Activated Portal is being filled with new offerings for the month, and your library of sessions for replay or catch up is always there for you too. Each month it expands. Each month the offering is greater. Each time you log on youll likely be drawn to exactly what you need in the moment... trust yourself.

There are TWO LIVE SCHEDULED SESSIONS for us to share this month (pop up sessions might happen too!)

There is a 20 minute session on the 7th April at 12:30pm AEST and a 30 minute session on the 10th April at 12:00pm AEST

*Please check timezones. Likely to be day before for US & EU.

As always there will be a live q & a and sharing circle, a workshop, a guest contributor and a themed session to come too (I am deciding between a few artists at the moment - your suggestions are welcomed!!)

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