Spiritual methods for using emotional intelligence to feel heard, seen and connected 


Do you feel like the past is making you insecure about your future? 

Like your life is ruled by past heartbreak, shame, and guilt?


Are there certain emotions that you find really hard to be with and so you shut down & isolate yourself if they are triggered? 

Or does your reaction feel out of control & impulsive causing all sorts of new problems you have to deal with? 


Join Lena Moxon for an intimate virtual workshop as she shares her working relationship with jealousy and guides you into a process of honouring and respecting your connection with self love, body, relationships and leadership. 


You will begin to activate healing energetically and physically as you are gently guided towards working with any and all of the emotions that you find really hard to be with in a trauma informed way. 

A powerful experience offering you the space to reflect deeply on who you choose to be and how you choose to feel within yourself, as yourself in this life.


Big feelings, when left unprocessed in the body, lead to big stories in the mind. This cycle keeps us attached to past experiences, unable to release and recover, and inhibits our ability to be present and create a meaningful life — It keeps us stuck in suffering.😔


There is a way to free ourselves from the way we have felt about ourselves, within ourselves.

This workshop is a virtual group experience offering gentle, trauma sensitive somatic and spiritual approaches to healing through movement, writing, The Sah Method ™  that will offer an intimate journey of releasing, and transforming old beliefs and limitations into genuine self-expression, greater love, and connection. 


A modest and marvellous approach to cultivating self expression and sacredness in every day life. Let go of feeling controlled by certain emotions and evoke the courage and confidence you have to open yourself up to all of life so that you can truly feel seen, heard and connected. 


This 90 minute session includes A powerful combination of guidance, inquiry & Somatic Activated Healing

In this 90 minute virtual immersion you will be gently guided into a 45 minute SAH METHOD and supported with the opportunity to reflect, integrate and embody the realisations you uncover. 


This is the leading edge of well-being and I invite you to lead the way with me. 


The way you feel right now is yours to work on. Perhaps it didn’t start with you, but it is yours now to work with.  

“Its like being held and seen while a fire is lit under your arse!”

Gab Watts