$620.00 AUD

Want to practice the SAH Method too? 
You can join ACTIVATED the SAH Method membership curated and delivered by Lena Moxon for just $10AUD for your first 30 days! 

MOMENTUM : 1:1 Private Session & 2 Weeks Unlimited Whatsapp with Lena Moxon

The ultimate experience to activate the confidence to build momentum behind the intentions you have for yourself and your life as you are supported closely by Lena Moxon for 2 weeks. 

Take action in alignment consistently with the incredible support of: 

1 X 45 Minute Private Virtual Session with Lena Moxon 
2 Weeks of unlimited messaging, voice notes & resource shares on WhatsApp in your own private chat thread. 

This is a powerful way to be supported in real time in processing, reflecting and consciously taking action with the support and guidance of Lena Moxon as your advocate for authenticity, expression, integrity and courage! 

You can choose any or many areas of your current life experience to shine a light of awareness on throughout this activation and get ready to be empowered through your own self realisation and invigoration of your innate power, potential and possibility. 

This is an intimate, all in, up close and incredibly personal way of being supported and will offer transformation that will have positive ripple effects well into the future for you as you build incredible momentum behind you in this powerful 2 week activation & coaching experience. 


BONUS: Instant Access to the OVERCOME YOUR INNER CRITIC 8 Day Audio Coaching Program