Your presence is your power

sahmethod selflove Jan 04, 2023

 Your presence is your power. What you make available for the people around you through the safety they feel to be fully expressed as themselves because you are the complete embodiment of your own sovereignty.. that’s an immeasurable power my love.

I’m not minimising the need for academics, I spent years of my life as a classroom teacher hyper focused on improving the educational outcomes of students … but that is also why I have a deeeep understanding that it is not the whole picture.

Our own consciousness depends on our ability embody know only what we learn but what we know.

In this life you go from great to great. There is innate wisdom transmuted through your being and your life is working with you so that you might understand your own unique offering that you are intended to bring forward .. truly.

If all we ever do is own all parts of ourselves so that everyone around us feels safe to do the same - that is a great power. 

If you just took one thing that felt compelling and truly integrated it into you life , into you being and allowed yourself to move with the power of embodiment .. you would remember your own power too.

It won’t be found outside of you - it’s already within.

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