Why You Should Let People Go

Feb 09, 2023
In a private coaching call a woman I was working with admitted what was holding her back from fully stepping into her own power was that she was **scared that if she started behaving differently or operating from a new level - her boyfriend might be put off and break up with her. 
“The next level of me that I can see and feel is really different - she has a whole new way of being, what if he doesn’t like that? I’m so scared to be alone again .. what if no one actually likes the new me?”
A lot of us have past experiences of losing people we loved when we were in our power.
I lost my first husband around the time I started growing and improving myself.
I lost my friends and relatives when I started setting boundaries and speaking my truth.
And most recently, as I shook off the role of weight loss coach after a decade of that work, I was hit with judgment and ridicule from my the same industry I’ve devoted my working life to.
These experiences are not given to us as the stimulus to write the story that “it isn’t safe to be ourselves.”
Instead they are given to us an opportunity to affirm our power and stand in our truth.
Because here it is....
-You don’t need someone to tell you that your decisions are valid. They are valid because following your heart and working on yourself are the best things you can do in this life.
-Your growth may make people uncomfortable. That’s a sign of their work that they need to do. When someone is uncomfortable with your expansion, it’s because there’s a part of them that wants to embody what you are being, and by resisting that part of themselves they are resisting you.
Remember someone else’s judgement is not yours to carry. If you’re upset with the rejection, that means your carrying it... and you need to do your part to heal that burden because it’s not yours... So many of the thoughts we have are not our own and this becomes obvious in the thought download process I teach in the 27 Day Mindset Reset Program
There may be a “getting to know the new you phase” where your loved ones have to adjust to your shifts. Be patient with those you love and be patient with yourself as you learn how to show up too.
But overall, remember this: if someone can’t accept the happier empowered version of you, or they don’t make an effort to understand and connect with the person you are becoming, then they aren’t for the higher you.

And trust me, when you make space for what’s not aligned, the Universe brings you exactly what you’re calling in.


Some people are only meant to be in the life of the unhealed version of you.

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