My 5 Year Old "ran away from home" & here is what happened next

mumlife sahmethod Apr 22, 2023
Hi my love,
Strange story for you. My 5 year old ran away from home today.

His older sister, my step daughter ran upstairs as I was deep in the throws of randomly deep cleaning my bathroom shouting "I cant find Tyson! He isnt anywhere and the front door is open"  I flew down the stairs, both of us shouting his name, my senses on overdrive searching, scanning, listening for whether he had simply decided it might be funny to hide..or if he had in fact taken himself outside and out of the house. 

As I ran out into our street, there was my little barefoot boy, about 30 metres away, walking back towards our house in his blue batman pyjamas.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled up the street, my whole body lit up with the panic, shock, guilt, fear "She told me to go away from her and never come back" he replied, his little body obviously deflated.

In that moment I could feel the parts of me that were ready to let him see and hear the fear I had experienced, the serious nature of his choice and the intensity of how panicked I was by what could have happened as I watched a neighbour reverse their car out of their driveway ..  My chest tight, my fists clenched, my eyebrows furrowed, my throat hot, unable to feel my legs or my feet, my body moving quickly ...  and I stopped. 

I found that moment of awareness that invited me into the next moment of choice...  And I chose to squat down, open my arms to him and let him experience what it will always be like to come home to me, no matter how far he feels he has to run in life.

I asked him what happened, why he decided to leave the house without telling me & I listened.
At 5, my boy has been protected by us and sheltered from the truth of just how dangerous it can be for a child to walk alone in our neighbourhood.

Could I be mad at him for what he doesnt truly know, comprehend or understand? 

Did I have to have a very connected conversation with him so that he knows that he knows that he shouldnt do that? Of course. It was calm, with a serious tone - until he told me "well, I saw some dog poo but didnt touch it".. and we laughed, each of us exhaling within the moment of levity he created.
To not yell and shame him in that moment for his choice to run out the door, and instead to be able to have compassion for the decision making of a 5 year old that had been hurt by his sister, and just trying to deal with the overwhelm of that hurt in the moment... feels like a story I want to tell. 
Because when I scan my own memory, no part of my own story had a chapter anything like that.
The overwhelming fear I felt in the moment I realised he wasnt in the house - isnt his to hold.
Its these moments, these stories, that ultimately decide and dictate the relationships being written into the stories of our lives.
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Theres a big difference. 
Not just for the way we experience ourselves but in the way everyone around us will experience us too.
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