Manifesting Instantly (well, almost)

embodiment innerwork manifest mindset sahmethod Nov 27, 2022

My loves - the power of our word and a deep declaration is WILD and this morning I had something wonderful made obvious to me and I want to share it with you as an example of just how magnetic we can be!

Yesterday, together with the 12 women that registered for my November Activation group coaching experience AUDACITY, I stated my intention for November to drive my inspired action was to actively seek opportunities to be on podcasts and Instagram lives. 

This morning my spiritual teacher Sah D'Simone was live on his Instagram page talking about the specific modality I’m trained in and saw I was watching and invited me on live with him. “Lena if you are free now, let me get you on live with me”. 

I had just finished a workout. My hair a mess. My outfit not cute. And I said HELL YES. 
I was there live on Instagram talking with him to his audience for an hour. WTF?! 
The opportunity in that is mind blowing. His 441K following isn’t even what I’m uplifted by - it’s the opportunity to be seen and heard by him and his team as I position myself as a valuable asset to all that he is creating. 
Genuinely to do that with him was my ultimate aspiration - and it’s fucking done. 
Its only November 2nd. Unseen forces giving me a huge NOD of approval that my intention for this month is supported and Im actually buzzing with excitement for what else I might make magnetise as I continue to seek opportunities. 
There is too much happening with increasing intensity and momentum in my world and in the experience of my clients to even PRETEND that I don’t know that my ability to truly activate the parts of us that can move beyond good intentions and into inspired action as a magnetic force isn’t A CRAFTED and refined zone of genius of mine. 
What my clients are activating within themselves and the world is EVEN MORE MIND BLOWING and together we are a formidable force of living meaningful lives without striving for salvation or perfection. True self leadership with genuine desire to be a force for good. 

I have to own it. 
It’s serving no one to pretend I’m not completely empowered by what I know I know and how I can share that with others. 

In the last two years Ive completely revolutionised the way I live, the way I work, the way I coach and the way I move in the world. Im WORLDS AWAY from where I was and completely inspired to see how far I can take myself towards the full amplification of who I truly get to be in this lifetime.

Id love to support you in doing the same. Being coached in understanding what it means to know your inner world, to activate confidence and self leadership and have your own daily practice to take action in alignment is likely the secret sauce you have been looking for
Coaching for 2023 is now open and I’m taking on about 7 clients next year for 1:1 support.
There are 6 week and 12 week options. 
If you are interested I’d love you to take a look at the 1:1 offerings on my website and get in touch so we can feel into whether we would work well together or whether I can suggest another avenue of support for you (my network is WILD in the best way - it’s like a database of badass healers, coaches, guides and mentors from all walks of life and all over the world)
All 1:1 info here as well as my group program starting at the end of the month ACTIVATED - a somatic activated healing fast track experience

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