Learning to Let Go & Open Your Heart

embodiment emotions innerwork sahmethod Jan 20, 2023
Every single moment of your life, you are either naturally enjoying what is or letting go of whats keeping you from enjoying what is. If you let go of the wants and fears that are limiting you, you'll always be ok. Letting go of yourself, instead of serving yourself, is the real paradigm shift.
-Michael Singer, Living Untethered; Beyond the human predicament

I absolutely CRINGE at 99% of the facebook memories that pop up to remind me what a self obsessed asshole I was for alot longer than Id probably like to admit.

I hardly recognise myself, my language, my intentions and my expression as I read the shares of the younger me who was driven, focused, determined (and succeeding) at creating a life that served her well ...aka gave her everything she decided she wanted in this life.

We are celebrated for our aspirations. We are encouraged to dream big and set goals and spend our days getting really busy with making things happen - but as Michael Singer's work so powerfully suggests... are you inspiring yourself or only creating more evidence that you are not whole within yourself, as yourself?
If your heart is open and your life force energy is flowing inside, there is no want. You are whole and complete within yourself. You can experience great joy and great love all the time. If you are not feeling that, its because you have blocked that.
What the experience of that blockage compels you to do is to get something - in our modern world, we would say “set a new goal”.. I need this, I need that, I need a new house, a new car, I need compliments, I need a holiday, I need a new partner, I need a new job, I need....
We are busy, overwhelmed and exhausted compensating for what we are missing inside.

There is a paradigm shift available to us, through us when we have the audacity to get curious about what is being shared here. Im willing to say near EVERYONE around you will be living the vast majority of their lives on autopilot... but what might happen if you dared to suspend the idea that there might be something you can buy, or produce, or hold, or do specifically outside of yourself and instead, turn inwards and learn to connect with whats within you?
Put simply, there are two choices we have for the way we spend our lives:

One way is - I need to find things to compensate for the fact that Im not ok and the other way is Im going to get rid of these emotional blockages inside that are making me not be ok.

Those are the two choices we have in life.
The meaning of your life is to let go of the darkness, disturbances and blockages that you have stored inside of you.
When we do this, we will no longer use our one precious life getting busy with dead end pursuits AND we will find the energy to set our intentions to give freely, the love, the light, the joy - to not constantly be seeking for lifes conditions to suit and serve us.

THIS conversation is the real deal. It redirects us from the things that we know are draining us and denying us of the high, high we are longing for - simply to be free within ourselves and resting easy in the moment we are in.

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