What to do if you cant afford Crystals or "trendy" healing tools

embodiment innerwork rituals selflove Dec 04, 2022
I couldn’t afford crystals.

In my private program today, the women are exploring how to create sacred spaces in their own homes - to honour themselves, reflect their desires and intentions and create visual reflections to prompt and support their commitment to self.

I also shared this reflection to highlight that "self care" is not only for those that can afford to indulge what we are presented with online - we are all worthy AND capable of creating sacred spaces for ourselves (around us and within us)

..while I was thinking of it, I wanted to share this here too...for any woman that needs to read this today. For any woman who has made herself feel that she was not entitled to self care because she could afford it...
In the hideous months following the separation from my ex husband, as we disconnected from each other & communicated only through our lawyers - our assets and joint accounts became a no go zone while we tried to work out how the fuck to divide what was created over the 11 years we had spent together.

Deep in the darkness of shame, guilt, overwhelm and distraction - I suffered in silence. I had stepped away from our business and our bank accounts & in doing so, effectively found myself broke. The fall from grace was instant.

Everything I had - gone. The price to pay for my own personal freedom took my breath away.

As a qualified teacher I tried to go back into the classroom - but it was too loud, energetically too draining and my students were calling me by a name that was no longer to be mine. I was in too much pain.

I sold every possession I could & flew to the other side of the world. To hide on an island that gifted me with sunshine, salt water, coconuts and space.

I picked up seashells & held them close. Devoted to finding my way out of the brain fog that was fucking me up & back into mindfulness, reflection & acceptance.

The seashells felt like offerings from mama ocean. She left them on the shore for me to find & remember how interconnected we all are. That I wasn’t as alone as I believed - we are never alone.

If you are heartbroken, if you feel lost and alone - it might help to know that the pain we feel has nothing to do with the love that is available to us. Ego is hurt - not love.

When we hurt it’s easy to believe the love is being drained from our lives ... but it’s not true.

Love is divine. It is everywhere. Ever present.

If your healing doesn’t look like the fancy posts you see, or you can’t afford to buy the things that you believe you need yet.. remember that you have all that you need within you.

You really do.
Take a deep breath.
Connect with the earth & accept the gifts offered to you. Use all 5 senses. Integrate yourself with the world - you are not alone.

Never alone.

Always divinely protected. Your journey might be hard, but it is never without love.

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