Doing "the work" is never just for you

divorce embodiment innerwork sahmethod Jan 01, 2023

Activating the courage to actually begin speaking about what’s below the almost superficial trauma of my divorce (which only triggered what I had repressed, neglected, denied as a child) still feels challenging and it’s still not something I feel safe to do.

But, ive alluded to it in captions etc I’ve been sharing with my content lately - and today, my sweet cousin who I maybe only get to speak to once or twice a year (we live on opposite sides of the country & our fathers who are brothers have always had conflict which impacted the closeness I have been able to establish with my cousins) commented below feeling resonance and feeling seen and understood and probably even validated by what I am sharing.

I  have remembered that the fear I feel around sharing will feel like nothing in comparison to the sacred pride I feel when I know it is being of service to someone.

That knowledge for the sake of my own knowledge and understanding isn’t the point and purpose of my own giftedness in being able to absorb and transmute in the way I can.

I often think about the ways I am devoted to healing to support my son and my grandchildren and beyond - I’ve not stopped to think about the family members that have always looked up to me and are benefiting from the audacity I have to do this work in real time.

This feels bigger and deeper than anything I can articulate and I want to deeply thank you all for being by my side as I deepen my understanding of healing in this way.

The freedom to drop the story and be with the feeling using the SAH METHOD created by @sahdsimone is an absolute game changer for those of us that are simply not able to even acknowledge the story at this point.

Might I need to at some point? I think so.

But to know I can change the emotional charge of the story before I do feels like the safety I need and that has given me hope for the first time in 22 years.

Becoming certified as a Sah Method Healer is an absolute turning point within myself, my life and the trajectory of my existence in this body.

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